In A Time of Deceit, The Truth Is A Revolution

“In a time of deceit, the truth is a revolution.” – Mark Twain

I began with the idea that somehow our daily lives should be fulfilling – daily. Work, play, rest – it should all flow seamlessly, right? To every time there is a season and all that. It is however an ideal that seems absent in the hustle and schemes that we pull together to earn our next cup of coffee, gallon of gas, or mortgage payment. I started theRevolution™ as a means to give professional voice to great ideas. Ones that affirm the value of human dignity. We work with businesses who have a heart. Often these people are artists, innovators and revolutionaries. It takes heart to know what people need. It takes heart to be a visionary.

Myself and a 3 other people form the core of theRevolution. We were tired of the lies of petty, selfish, and greedy leaders whose decisions and manipulations have rendered us unto a state of pure trance-like apathy. But, mostly we were tired of talking about it. Tired of talking about our trance, from my own trance like state.

What is theRevolution™?

theRevolution™ is a private membership of business owners who envision a marketplace in which the soul of man is nourished and we take steps to see it become our reality, first (1) by examining just exactly what nourishes us and how our reality is created and secondly (2) by creating the reality we fully desire through writing, painting, singing, playing, building, giving and receiving.

theRevolution™ is a philosophy to the marketplace unlike anything you will find.

You will not find this philosophy in the mainstream media, alternative media or any other, because this philosophy lies within you – the true compass of your company.

Only you know the kind of business you want.

Only you know what kind of life you want to live.

theRevolution™ is for those in business who want to do more than just business.

Members of theRevolution™ ask the next questions.

Members of theRevolution™ are awake and ready to achieve.

theRevolution™ has an uncompromising compassion for theArtist™, theInnovator™, and theRevolutionary™.

Want to do something never done before.

1. Stop taking advice from anyone who has not innovated.
2. Start trusting yourself.
3. Gain or hire the skills to be the best at your business, family, or community
4. Build your business as and artist does a masterpiece.
5. theRevolution™ will Shepard you through.

Our team produces results that resonate with innovators.
1. Idea/Business Development
2. Principled Communication/Marketing Strategies
3. Kick Ass Design
4. Rock Star Contacts
5. Gadget Masters

We produce the material realizations of a vision.

[vision]: the act of seeing | a picture formed in the mind | a supernatural apparition.

[visionary] : someone who imagines how thing should be and pays little regard to how they actually are or are likely in fact to be.

We seek out the visionaries.


Michael Yager

2 Comments Add yours

  1. It seems it does take heart to be a visionary. Support designed to protect that heart from being strangleheld (so creation can come flowing from there) is about as beautiful as it gets for me. Thanks Michael!

  2. Nancy Kirby says:

    Hey Mike,

    Like the sound of this. If I were starting or running a business I would certainly be interested. Keep up the good work!

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