Olympic Adult Day Care-A Solution For Boomers Who Care For Their Parents


I started thinking about what it will take for me to be able to care for my parents once they get to the place of needing more attention during the day than I can provide. My career is very demanding; I travel a lot as a stand-up comedian and writer. Both parents are still very active and independent now, but even so, I accept that I am going to one day be caring for one or both of my parents. The likelihood that they will stay independent and more active longer is increased through programs like the one I found at Olympic Adult Day Health Care. I am the one charged with providing for their future, so I thought I’d take some time and visit Luba Anissinoza, Program Director at the Olympic Adult Day Health Care. Her passion for providing high quality care was obvious. I watched her as she worked with a program participant before we sat down. When she’s working with the people she’s in her element. She cares deeply for everyone, with a tender touch to each who greets her as she guides me on a tour.The place is impeccable. One of the cleanest facilities I have ever seen. And the people there are truly enjoying the facility. One of them stopped me in the hallway to tell me how much this place has meant to her. When people like their program enough to do that, I know there must be a special spirit afoot. I plan to talk in depth with some program participants next.

She also told me about the much need Medi-Cal assistance program that began paying for Adult Day Health Care about 7 years ago, and for the free transportation to the people in the program. It’s good to know there are healthy alternatives for my mother and father as they become more needy. There is also some great info about how ADHC centers work at this site.


Olympic has all three of the model types of ADHC.

1. The traditional model with social services, activities, crafts and some individual attention from workers.

2. The medical model with services above but also skilled services from nurses, therapists, social workers, psychiatrists, geriatric physicians and others.

3. The Alzheimer’s model with services specifically designed to support and care for Alzheimer’s patients.

All Free Services include:

Transportation pick up and home delivery,
Nurse check-ups and vital taken daily
Reports to family doctors,
Mental Therapies,
Physical Therapies,
Alzheimer’s Care,
Social workers,
Games and socializing,
Psychological Counseling,
Hot Breakfast,
Food Every Two Hours,
Stroke Recovery Care.

Stop by for a visit:
1227 La Cienega Ave.
Los Angeles, 90035

or call:
Ask for Luba.


Michael Yager


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