Three Cheeky Monkeys – Learning Done Away From The Computer

Three Cheeky Monkeys
It is odd that I am writing this review with my face planted in my iMac, when you consider that the philosophy behind Three Cheeky Monkeys is to provide top quality educational toys that don’t encourage the use of a computers or other digital types of interface. All of the toys in the store are specifically picked by Wallace Harvey, the young and playful owner, who is heading to the Nuremburg Toy Festival to shop for one of kind items that only his store will carry. His goal is to encourage tactile learning. Using real objects in space and time is the most effective learning that can be done.

He’s on the middle floor of the West Pavilion Mall. My sister and I found his store while we were shopping for some toys for her kids and the big name toy store elsewhere in the mall didn’t have the specialty item she wanted. They recommended we try Three Cheeky Monkeys. We do too!

10800 West Pavilion Blvd.

West Pavilion Mall 2nd Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90064

Call and talk to Wallace.


Michael Yager


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