Certified Barista – [barista] : n. coffee artist.


Well I am an artist in yet another medium, coffee. Coffee, Cafe Latte, Espresso, Cafe Americano – all terms with which I am now intimately familiar. I am having the time of my life working at Starbucks in Beverly Hills. In fact I just completed my first 4am “clock-in” – yes, our store on South Beverly is open at 4:30AM.

The coffee house is the perfect place for a writer and wannabe shaman to get his start. The culinary delight. The interaction of people engaged in their daily chemical warfare. After 10 years of footloose and fancy-free lounging about the tables and chairs of many Starbucks stores from N.Y. to London (my pen has inked millions of miles in the comfort of this much needed water siren ), I am stepping behind the bar to serve for awhile.

I have toured town-to-town as a stand-up comedian and spent every morning taking time over an espresso to sort out my material. I love the lifestyle that coffee houses create and foster. Not so much the consumption by itself, but the act of sharing a common culinary delight is more about taking time to share ideas and create memories that will engage your mind’s eye for ages. Spend time, it’s worth more.

I look forward to sharing from the other side of the bar.

theRevolution is fastidiously learning all that it can about about food, drink, medicine, diet and ecology. We encourage putting action to belief and we believe that there is no greater priority than the Earth-food-body connection.

To theRevolution’s way of thinking, our highest priority is reshaping our understanding of how we interact with our earth.

Starbucks carries with it several of the guiding principles theRevolution also holds dear. First on the list is, “Provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity.” After having gone through their training, I can agree with the thousands of other Partners who echo my sentiments when I say that the company truely lives up to this guideline. There is a great deal of care here for the people and their planet. Thanks Starbucks.




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  1. Michael Yager says:

    Update. January 2009.

    Starbucks, like any monster sized corporation has some drawbacks. Corporate life is truly soul steeling. I gave it another go one last time, but the whole mess of legalism and non-sense make-work practices only sustains my belief that people like myself must cut our own path in the forest. At the end of each day working at Starbucks, I would come home and simply shower off the rude rude people that brought their ugly drug addicted souls into our store. Coffee addicts are bad man.

    Did you know that coffee was originally considered for classification as a controlled substance in the US? It didn’t make the list thankfully, for most coffee lovers are just that. Lovers.

    Anyway, I have taken a path back to the other side of the counter. I find myself in a few more independently owned coffee houses these days. Which is what I prefer to be honest.

    Good luck to my friends who continue to work there. I will miss you guys. Peace. M.

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