The Greatest Show You Didn’t Know

by Jeffrey Huit

Rarely in life do you truly discover something brilliant, promising and unique. Sure, you hope for it. You may even brag about that wonderful little play you saw, selling it to strangers as a slice of originality — but in a world of the ho-hum and trivial, it is so easy to dress it up, letting it masquerade as genuine. It is truly a pleasure, let me just say, to not have to do that now.

If I were to ask anyone (who knew anything about sketch comedy) where the best sketch comedy comes from, nine times out of ten I would hear “Chicago” or “New York”. What a true find it was, then, to stumble across a show called “Fries On The Side” here, in Los Angeles, California.

Imagine any sketch show on television. Now imagine the funniest sketch you have ever seen that show do. Now imagine a show that has, one after the other, sketches that equal or surpass the funniest sketch you have ever seen. That’s “Fries On The Side”. Am I overselling it? I don’t think so.

The show has been hosted by some of the funniest, free-spirited celebrities in Los Angeles, with bigger and brighter stars slated to visit in the coming SIXTH SEASON. Past favorites include Danny Woodburn (Mickey in “Seinfield”) Christopher Titus, Alan Ruck (Cameron from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”), Tommy Davidson (from “In Living Color”) and Carlos Alazraqui (from “Reno 911”). And they come back to host, again and again. Why? Three reasons: the sketches are brilliant, the audience is on-board and loving it, and the talent in the show is some of the best you will ever come across.

So how do they do it? How does a little show, in little North Hollywood, manage to produce the kind of entertainment that blows away anything on television? Simple: only the truly great people survive.

That may sound harsh, but it’s true. “Fries On The Side” employs a philosophy that guarantees excellence. Besides engaging 8 or 9 staff writers who churn out nearly 20 sketches every week, they accept outside submissions. Frequently they wade through 40 to 60 submissions for a show that performs only 12 at the most. In an environment of competition, only the best survive.

Anyone can show up to act. Anyone — even you! Once cast, it is that actor’s job to be indespensable. Can you truly be great? Can you always be great? If the writers trust you, you stay. If they don’t, the casting won’t go your way, and the message becomes pretty clear. Currently, there is a main cast of 12 people who have done just that, with new hopefuls vying every week to be just as good or better. What does that mean? It means the show is better every year, consistently.

This all happens in a cozy theatre called The Sanford Meisner Center for the Performing Arts. Impressive name, camouflaging the funniest sketch comedy show in Los Angeles. While it is usually sold out, that only means 55 people are there with you. And you’re laughing so hard, you’re crying. Afterwards, the cast hangs out and enjoys a fine Coors Lite with you, and you’re happy they did. Rarely do you get to congratulate someone on a truly impressive show and mean it.

So here it comes: Season Six of “Fries On The Side”. Wow. A new show every week, a new host, and a cast of truly good-hearted people who rule at sketch comedy. Hopefully, The season is brought to you by this years sponsor – Snow Queen Vodka ™! First regular season show on Sat. May 10th! Wha hoo!
I guess L.A is finely catching on.

And thanks, “Fries”, for doing the impossible: making Saturday night in Los Angeles my favorite night of the week. Great job last night. Start writing… you’ve got a brand new show next week.

Very Best



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