The Sun rises and sets on the good and the evil.

His name is Boober
His name is Boober

I had some profound insight into just how powerful is this universal truth. I see the power of Life constantly force its way through the cracks on the planet. Life has no prejudice. The seasons are the same for the sinner and the saint.  The unfathomable God we keep trying to fathom has no choice but to love our planet. The sun rises and sets on the good and the evil. Sit with that for a few minutes. He is giving the same gifts to the scoundrels and the liars that he is giving to the saints. How dare He! Tomorrow I can be a saint and the next day I may be a scoundrel. Yet God’s gift is still the life pouring through the cracks in our hearts. I pretend to yield the best that I can. But, how do you yield to the eternal?  “Go ahead Sun, rise today.” What kind of arrogance is that? And naive too. Do we say to ourselves,”Oh, today I’m going to yield to gravity.” NO. Aren’t you either fighting it or working with it? I believe that this universal truth, and scriptural axiom, is telling us so much more than just about the setting of the planets around the Sun. It is about the setting of us upon the planet to live and love by the same moon, stars, sun, seas, and forests.  God makes no choice but to shine love upon us all. The Sun cannot judge where it will shine. This is the knowledge of the Kingdom of Heaven. The rains, the Forces of Nature, pour on the unjust as they do the just. Why argue over God’s love? It rises on the good and the evil. It is just awesome to me today, the power of this eternal grace that we are given.

How will you great your enemy when you see him in God’s Kingdom? As you do now? Will you be envious? Will you be like the servants that were hired early in the day and given the same as those who only worked at sundown? Or will you know that the Sun rises and sets on the good and the evil and let the Kingdom of Heaven fill your disagreements with silent reconciliation, knowing what you had done to one another?

Is God not capable of another Sunrise for everyone? Is there not more fruit we can bare tomorrow, brother?

Peace and grace to you.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Paige says:

    That was an awesome reflection and oh so true. How quickly i forget sometimes… 🙂

    1. Michael Yager says:

      Thanks for the replay Paige. I’m glad you liked it!

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