Book Buying 101 – A Business for People With Pennies to Invest

vevelegba4The cast of characters is already enough to send my brain spinning down the sitcom pilot hallway.  But alas, I’ve got too many projects started already.

I started a new job yesterday working for a book reseller. He has an awesome loft apartment in downtown LA; it’s starting to look good downtown, in a couple of years you’re gonna be surprised at what’s occurred there, where he has shelves upon shelves of books listed on Amazon. When you order used books from Amazon, do you envision some poor schlep of a guy in a giant warehouse in Idaho picking that obscure out of print book from a shelf atop a 4 story ladder? Well not quite. It’s not one warehouse, but hundreds. And the schlep is often a shrewd market trader with inventory built up over time. There are independent dealers across the country scouring the county flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores and other various used book locations to offer up as used items through Amazon. These dealers ship you the product directly and are responsible through their agreements with Amazon to provide you with awesome service.

The guy that I’m working for is a terrific guy who has been working this game for many years. At least 8 and he certainly is not a schlep.

It is a fun job with a sense of learning that comes with each day. I get to hang out at thrift stores and buy books for cheap. Right now my goal is to build up an inventory so that I can have more items selling more often. Some things sell quickly and some sit for awhile in inventory before they sell. It was  a good first day on the job and I collected several textbooks, which can fetch quite a good fair.

Who knew that there is so much opportunity right under your nose. This is what theRevolution is about. Discovering and  connecting with people that have the insight into how to make their lives better with what is given to them.  The essence of creation. People with a sense of purpose and vison beyond what most people would consider to be practical. My sense is that there is a growing business here and there are plans for this team of Revoutionaries to reach out to the community in unique and powerful ways. This is what theRevolution loves to see. People helping people through economic incentive, community hands-on involvement and grass root communication. theRevolution has found another Authentic in the mist of the Fugazi.


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