Founding Contributor Explains Real “State of Emergency”: Corporate Slave Farms at the Border

theRevolution is excited to welcome Lanette Erby-Abbott as a founding contributor to this publication.  With her permission, we are republishing this article originally written for a facebook post on February 13th. Lanette is an author, activist and entrepreneur with a heart for the truth, which we love here at theRevolution.  We thought it deserved repeating.  We are proud to share Lanette’s point of view.

February 13, 2019 – Chattanooga.  I want to take a few moments to discuss the border and I hope everyone reads this.

First of all, big hand for Trump. Delivering on the crazy notion that Mexico will pay for the wall by using money we commandeered from El Chapo’s cartel. Absolutely brilliant. I mean, we can all have a chuckle about this, right? Of all the past presidents and their campaign promises of utopia that we believed but never came true, we all laughed at Trump’s wall and said, this guy is a lunatic. But, here we are. The democrats have agreed to it (shocker) after putting up one helluva fight for the cameras, and then here’s some loot.

I notice that my democrat friends are outraged, but yet, two very famous and supported democrats voted in favor of this wall in 2006. Their names are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The legislation was titled the 2006 Securities Fence Act. So Trump is actually delivering on a campaign promise that two of everyone’s favorite politicians support. In this sense, everyone should be thrilled. We’re not paying for the wall and it’s actually a bipartisan effort. Hooray for democracy!

But let me fill you in on what’s really going on at the border. We know our government likes to destabilize other governments. Nobody can deny that at this point. Our CIA has been caught NUMEROUS times running drugs and guns to and from Central America, working with cartels to overthrow governments, and placing American-approved candidates in place as their leaders. We all know this to be true. We do it all over the world.

Now, we’ve got this migrant caravan – human beings from countries we destroyed that are just starving (because of us) and see abundance up north in the US – so we need this wall to keep them out so that they don’t steal our jobs and resources, right? Coincidentally, just beyond the wall in Mexico, American corporations have set up manufacturing plants. Lots of them. I was listening to a segment on NPR the other day that was patting the likes of Pepsi and Panasonic on the back for offering these migrants stuck at the border employment. Great job, Pepsi! Such humanitarians! What they never mentioned in the entire segment was how much these migrants are getting paid. I’m sure not a single person reading this is assuming it’s even close to a living wage, and it is very, very likely not even close to our paltry minimum wage. And of course I can’t find out on the internet because the media doesn’t like to report unimportant facts like that. Certainly if it was a humane wage, National Propaganda Radio, er, uh, Public Radio, sorry, would have mentioned that in the segment, right?

Before I bring this home, quick recap. America destroyed the economies of Central America, set up corporations at the border in Mexico, and now migrants have set up camps on the other side of our wall where they will work for maybe $3/hour if they’re lucky (very effectively stealing our manufacturing jobs without stepping foot on our soil, I might add), to bottle our own water and sell it back to us with a side of plenty of cheap televisions for everyone.


Sorry for “yelling,” but everyone needs to wake up already! Our government got slaves to deliver themselves to our doorstep and we are building a giant prison wall to keep them there!

Now here is the part everyone really needs to take in if we are ever going to do anything to stop slavery. Republicans and democrats alike. The reason Trump, Clinton, and Obama all support this wall is because they are all on the same team. It doesn’t matter what they say in speeches or what campaign promises they make. Their policies, in retrospect, have all ended up supporting the sociopathic growth of corporations.

And this is why people should be outraged. Not because of immigrants getting into the country and stealing our jobs (because the wall itself represents our jobs moving to Mexico) or Trump wasting precious money on a wall (because when has our government actually spent money wisely anyway?), but because we are in a slave economy where the only value we place on human beings is economic and our government refuses to regulate anything in our favor.

What will it take to get everyone to care about each other? How far will we let these atrocities go before we do something about them? When will everyone realize that we are all on the same team and that it is us versus them, not us versus each other? I am always constantly trying to hammer this in to people because I was one of those people that watched Holocaust movies and said, “I would stand up and say something. I would have fought for those people. I would never go along.” Were you?

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