Warm Hearts for Veteran’s Arts.

The magic of the Cornerstone Coffeehouse is in its ambient lighting; it’s dark, rich wood decor and a unique art gallery which benefits veterans in many ways.

The Cornerstone, located at 54 and College, is a hallmark of Indianapolis spirit and tradition, as well as a unique honorary space for veterans and artists who wish to support Veterans Industries and Arts (VIA), a unique organization “dedicated to helping military veterans find meaningful and creative expression through the arts and industries”. 

The gallery is currently proud to present Rad A Drew, with high quality prints from his book: In Good Light; Images of the Circle City.

Gothic Chapel, Crown Hill Cemetary

With an eye for the Indianapolis cityscape, Rad finds light in some of her darkest recesses. Rad’s work reflects the struggle to bring this dark to the light and presents these Archival Fine Art Prints framed and matted with a strong black and white sensibility.

Central State Hospital

Make your way into this little nook of SoBro while Rad’s work is on display and you might just find some of the cities landmark buildings looking at you for a change.

Fall Creek


Visit VIA at www.vetindyarts.com



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