Honky Tonk and Video Bonk: The Trials of Muli-camera Live-streaming for Music Acts and Venues.

Pioneers are often celebrated… posthumously.  It is a daunting and exhausting proposition of the mind and body to endeavor to risk ones safety and prosperity for an unchartered course.  But alas, thankfully, there are those who do.

Establishing “Base Camp” For Livecast

LDR Studios has been swinging the machete of video exploration in the Indianapolis and Hamilton County communities since 2011.  This Fishers-based film production house is the direct result of an accomplished photographer and video engineer, Clark Crosser. 

TV Camera Truck in a Backpack

With the recent development of independent-citizen broadcast infrastructure platforms such as YouTube Live (now owned by Google and anything but independent), Facebook Live, Periscope and the like – all subsequently now being used to suppress free speech enthusiasts – yet still, a tremendous opportunity has arisen for professionals like Clark to execute high quality multi-camera live broadcasts of events to any one of the myriad number of audiences that our modern era has cultivated. 

Duke’s Indy, a very traditional honky-tonk in the heart of the Indianapolis Trucker District, recently hosted country music artist Chuck Mead and His Grassy Knoll Boys for one such live event.  Chuck and band delivered audience favorites, stirring a dance floor of longtime fans and newcomers alike. 

For fans of Chuck and crew who were unable to attend live, the event was also live-streamed by LDR Studios and delivered thru Facebook Live. 

LDR – Fisher, Indiana

“One of the biggest hurdles has been achieving the upload rates needed in a remote setting to livestream,” Clark tells theRevolution. “There are a lot of things to consider in a successful broadcast like this.”  The techniques, equipment requirements and overall rig is being refined in each environment he handles.  His speciality is with musical acts and events, which raises the stakes due to the high-quality sound that this niche requires.

Clark has doubled down tho and has executed several successful live broadcasts of local, regional and national musicians. He has his eye to the future and looks forward to working with more live music venues in Indiana to offer up his talent, technology and expertise to our Hoosier music communities.

Pre-show sound check at Duke’s Indy

LDR Studio is avail thru their Facebook page and Website: at ldrstudios.com

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