Acceptance Insurance Has Got Your Back!

The good times can fall hard and all at once.  It is not unusual for a
person to find themself out of the game and on the sidelines in a

Let it not be so with one insurance company serving our Indianapolis
populace.  Acceptance insurance has worked with at-risk individuals for
a long time and understands the hurdles involved.

Katie, Kwani, & Matt

People without a permanent residence or a current drivers license can find themselves without options when it comes to keeping things insured and covered until they can regain their footing.


In this regard,  Acceptance prides themselves in helping folks like this.   They have options to help the average, everyday-folks find coverage at average, everyday-folks’

Additionally, the agents at the Michigan Road office; Katie, Kwani and Matt,  recently organized a special “Coffeehouse Fundraiser” at the Cornerstone Coffeehouse at 54th and College,  which raised more that $500 for the local veterans of Veterans Industries and Arts, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Hoosier veterans find work and therapy options.

Acceptance stands ready and alongside our ex-military for the journey they are now on.  Thank you Acceptance, Indianapolis appreciates your care.

Also, if an SR-22 or SR-50 is needed then they are the longtime friend in
the business you are looking for.  They make it easy, simple and

Visit their offices on Michigan Road or call  317.876-9796.

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