American Dungeon: The Persecution of Schaeffer Cox

There are political prisoners in the United States. They are incarcerated, sometimes without a conviction or without the jurisdiction of the agency bringing charges. They are imprisoned in units that the United States Federal Government calls CMUs; Communications Management Units. Sounds like a Dungeons and Dragons’ game piece.  Another innocuous sounding title given to an absolute horror.  But this is a real dungeon and not a game.  A place where people are sent to be forgotten, tortured, and killed.  All off-the-books.  

How many political prisoners are there and where are these CMUs?

At the time of this writing I am unable to report how many people are housed by these units, largely because the CMU is a prison within a prison run by a 3rd-party private company making FOIA requests practically useless.  We do know however that the US federal prisons hold 183,000 inmates, as of 2018 (Source: Wikipedia). Thankfully there are only two CMUs that we know of at this time. One in Marion, Ill. and the other is… well, guess where Hoosiers?  Yup, our very own front yard:  Terre Haute, Indiana.

Is Ghandi there?  

Perhaps the next freedom leader like Ghandi is there.  Perhaps the next Martin Luther King, Jr. is writing his next Letter From A Birmingham Jail in Terre Haute, Indiana.  Well, in fact, he is.  And his name is Schaeffer Cox.  And a guard has smuggled out his writings. And, it is this inspirational writing, both before his illegal sequestration as well as during this time of incarceration that have threatened so many people. 

I am writing  today to inform us all that currently he is being held on Indiana soil. On Indiana land.  He is being held in and persecuted by a cabalistic center of power that has usurped human rights and dignity as foreplay to its supra-government penetration. 

Schaeffer Cox was exonerated by the Alaskan courts of any wrongdoing, having thrown out his case for lack of evidence.  But, before his release, he was nevertheless whisked away from his home and family to the state of Washington, where he was unable to successfully defend his case at a trial in Federal Court.  Unlike in Alaska, this time the Department of Justice’s prosecution team withheld the exculpatory evidence, which had secured the dismissal in the state court.

The Feds also had to move the trial because there was no Federal Judge in Alaska willing to hear the case.  In Washington, a retired judge was brought back onto the bench in order to find someone willing to preside over the sham trial.   Shortly after his guilty verdict, he was transferred by somebody within the Federal Bureau of Prisons to the CMU in Marion, Ill. and then later moved to the Indiana CMU after threats on his life began from the ardent Islamic followers incarcerated with him.

In addition to withholding the evidence needed to exonerate Cox, the DoJ also allowed false testimony in order to secure a conviction in Federal Court. 

What do they say that he has done? 

According to several recent interviews conducted by Angela Clemons, President of Schaeffer’s Angels and Jordon Page, musician; both advocates working for Schaeffer’s release, he was wrongfully convicted of conspiracy to kill federal agents and solicitation to kill federal agents.  However the solicitation charge was subsequently dismissed in by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Angela is currently Schaeffer’s primary outside contact and runs the website.

theRevolution recently spoke with Angela by phone from her office at Schaeffer’s Angels – a 501c(4) non-profit organization that is spearheading the movement to bring awareness and support to Schaeffer’s case and secure his release.  Angela is currently the person who is administering Schaeffer’s affairs;  providing one of his only communication avenues to the outside.  Although she has been blocked from all communications with him in the past, she is currently allowed to have direct contact with him by phone when he is allowed to call.  She is also responding to his email account and other affairs on his behalf.  Sadly she is reporting that Cox has told her that he is suffering from a Vitamin-C deficiency, which has resulted in scurvy.  Also he reported to her that there are people in the CMU suffering from beriberi, caused by lack of Vitamin B-1.

Angela reports that Schaeffer is also in communication with other supporters, but is only allowed two 15-minute calls per week.

Additionally, Jordon Page has spoken with Cox as well and has received reports from him of other atrocities, which have not been confirmed.

So, Hoosiers, let’s be really real here. Here in our state, we have an off-book prison attending to prisoners who represent a Tier 5 threat on the FBI Terror Threat rating system.  It is affectionally referred to a ‘Lil Gitmo.  Great, ‘Lil Gitmo here in Indiana.  Not exactly the Hoosier hospitality we’ve come to expect.

What’s a Tier 5 Threat you ask?

Angela repots that Tier 5 is basically the highest threat-level status given a person with the inspirational and leadership skills likely to raise up a revolt or revolution against the state.  In the case of Schaeffer Cox, his falsely labeled “pre-crime” of organizing a populace into a focused and cohesive group aimed at improving and securing the liberties granted them, is what he is threatening.  In the eyes of the statists controlling everything we see and hear, this constitutes a threat to any paradigm they do not deem appropriate for us to support. 

It all began in 2008  when Schaeffer responded to a spontaneous suggestion from the Lt. Gov of Alaska, who was in the audience of a speech he was giving at the time to the GOP Convention, by agreeing to run for office and subsequently coming in 2nd in the Republican Primary.  After that he began organizing and giving speeches.  Writing poetry and advocating for liberty and the ideas of those who will support liberty.  He spoke eloquently, accurately and firmly; and always eschewed the call to violence, without completely condemning its purpose in the struggle for power. 

If I’m captured, I’m not gonna go Rambo, I’m gonna go Gahndi.

Schaeffer Cox.


Weaponizing Federal Authority.

In short, the US federal authorities used informants to set up Schaeffer’s death. When they were foiled, they had to silence him with plan B.  They used false testimony and suppression of evidence so they could convict him of a thought-crime.  This is really the first and most serious Pre-Crime Case of the Century.

This  type of wrongful incarceration is the event that the US Constitution endeavors to prevent.  A constitution being an agreement on behalf of the populace with those that they would have provide them with delineated services; of which each party agrees to be bound by the contract’s limitations. A primary function of our constitution is the limitation placed on our government agency by the contract to assure that political differences don’t turn into torture chambers for the “less powerful.”

It is a revolutionary idea in any era.  That a larger more powerful entity be bound by the conscripts and laws of its constituents.  Anybody with power thinks this is absurd.  This is why all power, once given away,  must be taken back.

Schaeffer’s Future

Most recently, in August of 2017, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit dismissed the solicitation charges against him, however the conspiracy charges are still being wrongly upheld and keep him incarcerated.  Until then Schaeffer longs to plant a tree, swim in the ocean and build a fire.

From the Lost Lyrics of Schaeffer Cox:

I want to feel the sun on my neck, while I plant a tree

I want to swim in the ocean, the only place that I feel free

I want to sit by a fire, just big enough for me.” 

Schaeffer provided solutions that the profiteering authorities did not like.  In one of his earliest interviews he states that the people have, “figured out that voting doesn’t work.” “People are looking for solutions.”

Some of Cox’s solutions include the Liberty Bell Alert System, the 2nd Amendment Task Force, and The Alaska Peacemakers Militia.  He considers a militia to be  “anybody with a gun and and conscience.”  It is perhaps statements like this or claiming that; “There are thirty-five hundred armed, well-trained men under [his] command in Fairbanks, Alaska.”, which prompted the attention of the federal authorities.  But, additionally, I suspect that, like Irwin Schiff before him, who was also a political prisoner in Terre Haute, he is threatening the same authorities with the same weapon; truth. 

In short Schaeffer is a speaker for the people, reflecting the sentiment and sovereignty that all his supporters wanted articulated.  He is willing to suffer for his beliefs, but it is our duty to see that he does not have to do so any longer.  It is up to the rest of us who are still allowed freedom to campaign for his release.  

As is the case with Jordon Page.  In addition to the efforts of Angela and the Cox legal team, musician Jordon Page has put Schaeffer’s “Tier 5” inspirational writings to music.  He has blended his words with those of Schaeffer’s to provide a co-authored status for the song in order that all proceeds would rightfully go to Schaeffer and his legal efforts.

Jordon’s Song is avail for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, CD Baby and others.  Search for the “The Persecution of Schaeffer Cox.”  The YouTube video is here: The Persecution of Schaeffer Cox YouTube video.

As of now, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has also ordered that all the evidence which was withheld during his trial be release. It is believed that when this occurs it will trigger the immediately released of Cox.

This has not yet been done.

According to the website

What should we do?

  1. Research his case, his story and his cause so that you are sure you want to use energy to effect his release.  Start here:
  2. Call your Federal Congressional Reps./Senators/VP Pence/Trump. Ask them to put pressure for his release. Tell them that we don’t want Indiana to be home to shadow prisons any longer and to release Schaeffer Cox immediately..
  • Andre Carson.  District 7. Congressional Rep. Marion County/Indianapolis 

Phone: 317-283-6516

Email: Visit

  • Larry Bucshon. District 8. Congressional Rep. CMU/Terra Haute district. 

Phone: (812) 232-0523

Email: Visit

  • Mike Braun. Indiana Senator.

Phone: (202) 224-4814


  • Todd Young. Indiana Senator.

Phone: (202) 224-5623


  1. Share his story.  Write your own story about him and share it. 
  2. Support the song. Purchase or share. 
  3. Be creative and find some other way to help. You probably have a great ideas of how to help.  Do it. 

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  1. jeff piper says:

    What a great bunch of info. As a Hoosier I am sickened by what we do in this glorious state.

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