The New Best Breakfast Sandwich Secret in Town

With all the press and hoopla around a new restaurant opening or microbrew flavor, of which Indianapolis has been blessed with many,  it can get tough to keep changing and adapting the long-standing neighborhood coffeehouse/tavern and eatery to keep up. 

The breakfast time can get lost in the shuffle, but at the Cornerstone the doors are open early and the new breakfast sandwich which popped-up on the menu hits the mark.  The Egg Casserole Breakfast Sandwich is a fluffy cloud of eggie goodness nestled with cheese and ready’d between a toasty warm English muffin. 

Toastily prepared in the pizza oven of the Cornerstone Coffeehouse, Abby Pierce has created a menu of rotating egg casserole sandwiches which includes a ground turkey and American cheese casserole with Bell pepper, Jalapeño, and onion; a Three Meat Denver casserole with ham, turkey, bacon, onion, bell pepper and Colby cheese; and a veggie casserole that features asparagus, artichoke hearts and Bell peppers with Swiss cheese.

Grab a delicious sandwich and cup of Black Thunder coffee for a great start to your day.

Cornerstone Coffee at 5380 N. College Ave., Indianapolis.

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