Hemp Returns to Indiana: First Time Since WAR!



Hemp played a vital role in the winning of World War II for the United States, and now hemp production is finally back in Indiana and poised to bring on “Victory” once again.

BioDynamic Ventures, LLC is proud to serve the Indiana hemp community in its inaugural year of hemp production.  When the President signed the new Farm Bill in December of 2018, it removed the Federal ban on growing certain forms of hemp that was established based on the political opinion that cannabis is only an intoxicant which must be eradicated.  Since that time however, hemp has returned to its diverse and healing roots.  And BioDynamic Ventures has recently taken delivery of the largest legal shipment of hemp to our state since 1933.

BioDynamic Ventures (BDV) specializes in processing hemp into cannibidiol, or CBD, an ameliorative compound used in many products and found in hemp.  BDV is led by quality genetics and believes that it has the best strain needed to serve the farmers who are joining-in on this initial growing season for Indiana. They have developed a strategy that has been worked-out in many other states which have previously adopted a variety of hemp production models.  Now, with 10 states growing BDV genetics, they believe that they have the best training, support and buy-back program available for success here.  Their production target for 2019 is well over a million BioDynamic clones into the Indiana soil.  At present they have approximately 40,000 square feet of mother plants and clones at the indoor center and approximately 27,000 outdoors. And for their part, Hoosier farmers have already committed to raising over 700 acres of hemp crops for BDV.


BioDynamic Ventures is also the parent to the brilliant new retail store locations sprouting up in Indianapolis, Denver CBD.  With their flagship store opening this Saturday, April 27th, they will provide a one-of-a-kind experience for Hoosiers to interact with skilled and knowledgable CBD experts in a comfortable apothecary-style coffeehouse.  The store carries the proprietary Denver CBD brand products as well as 10-15 other major brands and they can also customize blends based on the health benefits one wants to focus upon.  All very customer oriented.  The store will feature CBD deserts, custom made CBD chocolate bars, CBD juice blends and CBD teas.  They will also have an on-site Naturopathic Doctor (ND) who will be taking appointments as well as walk-in consultations.  This kind of store is a huge win for Indianapolis!

The legal framework for protecting Indiana farmers who’s crops might “go hot”; that is, when the levels of the still banned compound THC becomes present above the allowable amount, is also provided for in the recent Indiana General Assembly Senate Bill 516, passing the Senate today and now poised to pass the House before being signed by the Governor.  This law will establish the licensing procedure and advisory committee under the direction of the state’s Office of Indiana Seed Commissioner.  It is thru this office that a farmer will file their mitigation plans for future crops and it is under BioDynamic’s Research Partnership with the Purdue University Industrial Hemp Research Project that the farmers will be licensed to operate their production in 2019.

The economic impact of the passage of SB516 is a big win as well.  The number economic development opportunities to come from this law change is truly astounding.  The groundwork which was laid by all parties that campaigned to get this legislation thru deserve a round of applause.  It is estimated that Indiana will see an approximately $2 billion increase in taxable revenue sources right away. That’s 2 billion more dollars that our state’s farmers are earning.  This is truly a moment of change for Indiana that will give our children a chance at health and prosperity for generations to come.

This is the driving factor for Denver CBD and BioDynamic Ventures.  Additionally, the top leaders there are also ex-service men and women who understand the company’s products and mission and have put into place special incentives for veteran farmers who want to get involved.  They understand that “Hemp [is] for Victory” here in Indiana and are ready to take the first steps needed to transition a portion of Indiana’s crops into hemp cultivation.

For more info on Denver CBD or BioDynamic Ventures send an email to: info at bdgreenhaus.com

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