What is theRevolution?

theRevolution is not what I thought it would be.  Ten years ago when I began this blog I believed in a reality that was largely built on bullshit.


theRevolution at that time was about simply turning around the boat. Our course in America was steering adrift even further than I expected during the eight years or so since 9/11, and I perceived the nascent idea that it was possible for one to simply turn around and walk away from all the madness of pop-culture, politics, and entertainment et al., and choose a new path. theRevolution in short meant to: Just turn around.

In religious parlance the Christians call this repentance, or the changing of the mind. I am quick to point out that Christians are separate from the personhood which taught us this point – Christ Himself. The one who called us to change our mind from hatefulness of our enemy to love and begin to pray for them. I wanted theRevolution to be a publication which honored and paid homage to truth-tellers and entrepreneurs, and to point out that these are the people who often ignore popular opinion and endeavor to live a life carved out by their own decisions. Yes, they buck the systems. They are the persons who reject mainstream sentimentalism and lead with their hearts.

Truth-tellers in particular are a rare breed and often resort to the arts to communicate their understandings to the few who would “get it.”  This is why the artistry of truth-telling often exhibits itself as parable.  So, for me, theRevolution was just most simply about finding people who demonstrate these virtues and write about them. Be it their simple task, effort or sentiment, or be it a complex idea needing succinct description, theRevolution was set-about to be that place.

This idea that we, mere humans, have a right to establish and break contracts (repent our minds) based on a moral and natural law,  is predicated on the simple foundation of consent.  It is the foundation of all contracts and, thus, all law. I did not support the war against Iraq. I did not support the Patriot Act and all of its technocratic penetrations into our reality.  I was absolutely aghast when I saw a congress stand in complete unity over removing our rights to privacy with our “consent.” Never do all the congress stand in unison about anything, but this, the fucking Patriot Act, they agree. It is a disgrace. And we, The People, let them get away with it.

Back then I wanted theRevolution to encourage people to just repent and turn away from systems of manufactured consent, in spite of the personal benefits that one might have to forgo.  Back then I thought we could just simply withdraw our consent and walk away from this corporation called the USA.  After all, America is more than the United States, Inc., right? Well, now, I believe we need to actively use the force of our voice to reject and call-out the active censorship, human rights violations, and kleptocratic agencies that seek to oppress us all.

But I also like to put my money where my mouth is, so I withdrew from several of these systems.  I took my monetary liabilities to as near zero as one could get.  I went “off-grid.” A feat often talked about, but now I believe practically impossible to achieve.  It seemed oxymoronic to write a digital blog in which I was calling for people to break up with technology in favor of human interaction. I retreated to the garden.

What the Patriot Act primarily did was allow all computers to be surveilled by government agencies without the oversight needed as to how the information was going to be used within the law enforcement or intelligence communities.  Mind you, this was all before the Big-Tech roll-out of smartphones, the thumb-operated human/computer interface which tracks all your behavior.

The consent of the governed had been betrayed.  It was not the first time. The assault on the people’s economic success was solidified by the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, and the Income Tax scam had already been allowed to infect and fester in this nation this entire time.  But now, if you want to challenge and change the government in any way, the government itself has a complete history of your plans.  All predicated on the consent we, The People, provided when we simply failed to reject the very agenda of intrusion they authorized.  We must opt out.  This is how our system is set-up. Silence is considered consent.

Now ten years later our country is truly about to engage in the revolution. It seems like the critical fibers holding the fabric of the United States together have torn. The whole garment is about to be rent in two. Enough people are now willing to call for violence, disobedience, and economic sanctions upon one another’s brethren. All founded on lies. It began in reaction to the outcome of the most recent election.  And now the President of the formerly-free United States is actually siding with the censorship regimes in response to a murderous set-up of our citizens.

Do I know more clearly what the real revolution will look like?  No. Not truly.  But I do know that we are now being asked to take sides.  Nay – forced to take sides.  If you don’t immediately denounce or support the said important issues, ideas, or people who are requiring your allegiance, then you will be instantly slurred, labeled, and likely marked for eradication.  Our opinions have been split into two camps.  Right and Wrong.  And everybody thinks they are in the right.

And now we have a President that is: 1. Advocating the death penalty for “hate crimes.” (Definition supplied by the “official sources” of course), and 2. increasing support for a police-state institution that will adjudicate your rights at the scene after a complaint from a nosy neighbor or reactionary busy-body who may have an axe to grind.  Did he not just embolden the very swamp he was supposed to be draining?  I thought, according to them, that the very agencies now being tasked with the pre-crime investigations were also so full of deep-state operatives that they were totally untrustworthy.  He has also called for involuntary confinement.  You mean jail, Mr. President?

What I failed to understand 10 years ago was that nearly every thing I understood was based on lies and a control mechanism which was established long ago to manage these lies for the sake of the original rebellion. Our consent is now completely manufactured.  It is time we remove our consent.  We must have open-source everything.  We must have fully informed consent. No exceptions.

So what is theRevolution going to be now?  notesfromtheRevolution is home for my notes from the revolution that is now truly on our doorsteps. If anybody loves The Constitution, they will not give in on absolute free-speech. It is the entire reason for the establishment of the document thereof.  They will advocate for free speech in all its forms. It is in defense of this and those who use their voice that this blog will exist.

In short, theRevolution is what I will it to be.  And I will speak freely and defend that right.

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