Remembering Conspiracy Theorists Day.

What do we say to each other as a remembrance of hallowed lives given in the cover-up of crimes and lies for nearly 18 years?

What do we say to each other as a salutation that gives reverence to a surprise attack on our culture, our economy and our moral.  I remember the sensation of feeling slightly concussed as I awoke on September 12th. I searched the eyes of my friends and neighbors for any signs that this was making sense.  For those of us that have seen thru the lies and propaganda since then, what do we say now?

What do we say now, the day after?  9/12: the day I woke up and began to realize two things.  The government is lying and will continue to lie about this event. But not just one big lie, but several well crafted lies that are supposed to be proven false so as to besmirch any opinion except the official line. What are we supposed to say now?  Happy Conspiracy Theorists Day?

Now our president has championed a war on fake news, which is the term for the product that conspiracy theorists produce… theoretically.  Except that the president before him already authorized the use of propaganda on the American people – Thanks NDAA 2013!  And now our FBI has issued a statement that conspiracy theories are a domestic terror threat.

So the question remains… uh, what the fuck is true?  Propaganda is legal to use by military and by inference all law enforcement agencies. Authorized by the Obama Administration’s NDAA of 2013, negating the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 (SMA) and the Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1987, which had made lying to the American public for political reasons a criminal act.

So, the words “conspiracy theory” were crafted well before the 2001 September Surprise in order to refer to all people who held a challenging opinion to the official narratives of historical events, painting all whistleblowers with the same brush of crazy.  The events of that September morning and evening were in much debate in the aftermath of its observed destruction. It was beginning of the Conspiracy Theory Wars. Let the psy-ops begin.

It spawned a whole new category of reporting – independent, truthful, and decentralized. What a nightmare for the state. What a nightmare for those that had weaponized the state for their own lucre.

The decentralized and participatory nature of the internet made it wholly possible for the most highly publicized mass-murder event ever witnessed to be scrutinized by all who wished.

The internet was really only around for like 4 or 5 years. Google was practically a baby, YouTube’s balls had not even dropped.

So here we are 18 years later with a fake news problem. No shit. Did you think that 16 years of Bush and Obama emboldening and enlarging the powers of the President’s office and then authorizing the use of propaganda would NOT lead to the eventual empowerment of law enforcement to involuntary confine these now dangerous domestic terrorists (i.e. whistleblowers, free speech lovers, 1st Amendment defenders of all stripes)?

Whilst everybody is decrying the Hong Kong police-state attacks on it’s citizenry, our own country announced the deployment of the US Military to combat the “fake news” crisis. They are deploying bots and artillects along with the morally corrupt boot-licking pod-people to scrub “fake” stories and insert their own narratives.

On Sept 1st, The Stars and Stripes reported that the “Defense Department is launching a project to repel ‘large-scale, automated disinformation attacks…'”

The truth loving community has been dealing with politically motivated attacks from supposed non-political agencies for several years.  The use of the IRS against Christian organizations being one of note – that’s so Jizyah!  YouTube’s purge of anti-establishment sentimentalists being the most recent. Now the military will be responsible for the purging of politically-oriented accounts from public forums. An army of Winston Smith’s.

This ranks right up there with the all time great betrayals of our people, second only to the NDAA of 2011, which began the slow crawl over our rights by allowing a legal mechanism to have the military perform law enforcement on American soil.  A first for the great experiment called America.  And, according to the President’s recent remarks to the nation in the wake of the two murderous events in El Paso and Dayton, now our FBI is being given “all the resources they need” to address the major problem of conspiracy theorists. This is more than an attempt at PPD control, it is an outright move on our medical freedoms. I’m sure the AI will be called upon to decide upon whom to deploy the tactical assault units.  AI is about to decide who gets the special permission to have a PPD, based on its vast knowledge and predictive abilities.

Setting up a preferential system which overlays the natural law of man, societies, and civilities, will breed rebellion pretty quick. Consider an experiment where two monkeys are given the same reward – a cucumber for a task. As long as the monkeys are given the same reward, all monkeys stay calm. Once one monkey starts getting grapes as a reward, the cucumber-only prescribed monkey immediately revolts and starts throwing the cucumbers back at the scientist. Is it that simple? Fairness & Reciprocity? See YouTube video here.

But this is the great America experiment. We’re not “damn dirty apes”, right?  Right? [nervous lip twitch]

How about lets stop calling it that?  Because the experiment is over.  We all want freedom.

It’s time for the subjects to revolt.  We all deserve grapes!

Happy Conspiracy Theorists Day.




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