Andrea’s Garden Center Love Local Producers!

With the growing awareness of proper gardening techniques getting bigger every day, more and more people are choosing to use local purveyors off  chemical free soil enhancers.  Superior options that are healthier for you and your beautiful plants.

One such purveyor of those products is Andrea’s Garden Center at 5412 E. 65th Street in Indianapolis.  Andrea’s just become our newest retail location in Indianapolis to carry our wildly popular 2lb. bag of GROW: Earthworm Bounty, 100% Organic Earthworm Castings.  Made right here in Indiana, our castings have all the beneficial bacteria your root systems need to build better, stronger and more abundant plants than you ever imagined.

Stop by and show your support for this local garden center and tell them that you came for the real good poo!

Cheers til next time!


Our other retail locations include:

  • The Good Earth (Broad Ripple)
  • Pogue’s Run Grocery (Indianapolis)
  • The Agrarian (SOBRO)
  • Wildwood Market (Fountain Square)
  • Andrea’s Garden Center (Indianapolis)
  • Zionsville Farmer’s Market, KG Acres booth, (Zionsville)
  • Broad Ripple Farmer’s Market (Broad Ripple)



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